Pristine Environments provides a comprehensive suite of integrated facility maintenance (FM) solutions. We optimize assets and facility performance to ensure that your facility operates intelligently. We support clients in Aerospace + Secure, Data Centers, Commercial Real Estate, Telecom/Data Center, Retail, Sports Technology + Fitness, Biotech + Pharma, Oil + Gas, and Health Care industries.

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  • Aerospace + Secure

    Aerospace + Secure

    DoD Secure – Government – Defense
    When your facility demands the highest levels of security, you need a facility solutions provider with high standards and appropriate clearances. Pristine Environments is the trusted resource for critical engineering and cleaning services at your secure facility. We know how important your work is. We’ll help you keep it on-track, on-budget, and out of public view.

  • Telecom / Data Centers

    Telecom / Data Centers

    Cooling – Cleanliness – Reliability
    Data centers simply cannot go off line. But your world-class operation can unravel with a little bit of dust or a tiny microbial invasion. Pristine Environments provides a comprehensive suite of services specifically designed to help meet your data center’s uptime requirements. You’ll experience a relentless commitment to quality, within budget, and specialized HVAC maintenance and cleanliness that exceeds expectations.

  • Biotech + Pharma

    Biotech + Pharma

    Redundancy – Cleanliness – Air Quality
    Biotech and Pharma facilities are some of the most complicated in the world. Increasingly complex Federal regulations, redundant systems, clean rooms and a whole lot more impact these facilities. Pristine Environments brings specialized knowledge and expertise designing programs for exceptional operational efficiency and cleanliness. Our commitment to quality exceeds the unique requirements of these challenging operating environments.

  • Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial Real Estate

    Operations – Maintenance – Cost Reduction
    You have enough to worry about. Commercial real estate and corporate facilities require your attention 24/7. Let us help you improve asset performance and value. We develop tailored programs that can reduce operating costs and elevate customer service. All through sustainable cleaning, operations and building maintenance services.

  • Luxury Retail

    Luxury Retail

    Engineering – Janitorial – Energy Efficiency
    It’s all about your brand. Your customers could get their goods from another place. But they’re in your store because you provide an exceptional shopping experience. That means an ultra-efficient, well lit and perfectly maintained retail space. Pristine Environments provides a relentless commitment to quality, within budget, for specialized, turnkey solutions that help lower operational costs for the most demanding brands in the world.

  • Oil + Gas

    Oil + Gas

    Sustainability – HSE – Operational Excellence
    Your bottom line is production. Let our experts support your mission critical operations. We are committed to delivering high quality service, on-time, on-budget and in a standardized manner across your portfolio of assets. We have a proven ability to increase operational effectiveness and improve environmental sustainability. Come learn about our impressive track record for health and safety.

  • Sports Technology + Fitness

    Sports Technology + Fitness

    Efficiency – Maintenance – Customization
    In your industry, you want everything to be in tip-top condition. That includes your facilities. Pristine Environments is already trusted by major sports equipment manufacturers to operate their cutting-edge R&D and production facilities. We also keep premium clientele fitness and health clubs in shape, without all the sweat. Let us design a facilities management fitness program that has the muscle to do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Healthcare


    Cleanliness – Health – Safety
    Whether your business is a small medical clinic or a complex research hospital, patient care is your number one concern. Maintaining a clean and efficiently running facility must occur seamlessly in the background. Pristine Environments has the knowledge and experience you need for extreme cleanliness, health and safety. We’ll focus on your assets so you can focus on your patients.

  • Building Intelligence & Energy

    Building Intelligence & Energy

    Holistic | Data-Driven | Cost-Effective
    Pristine Environments offers a holistic approach to facility solutions starting from design and construction through operations and maintenance. We design, integrate, deploy and manage technology solutions that enable data-driven energy and FM solutions.