Pristine Environments is making investments to deploy cutting edge technology that is highly reliable, secure and enhances the productivity of our entire workforce. The organization is committed to building an optimized IT infrastructure that will enhance the capabilities in every function within the company.

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Our Technology Approach Is Adaptable To Your Environment

Pristine Environments is vendor agnostic and can either work with your existing Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or deploy our preferred solutions. In either scenario, we follow industry best practices to data maintenance and management ensuring your information is always secure. All client data is owned entirely by the client and we safeguard your information

Irrespective of software, Pristine Environments deploys an enterprise-wide account management toolkit that supports our continuous improvement methodology and provides the framework for customer collaboration, project management, best practice sharing, service request self-service, and performance management dashboards. We will integrate all of the tools that are required to support the service delivery model and build data feeds to consolidate reporting at the site-level, as well as into a centralized data warehouse for portfolio reporting.

Our structured methodology and process design approach coupled with a toolkit of proven job plans, standard reports, and operating procedures are helpful in customizing technology toolkits to client needs.

  • Unified Communications

    Unified Communications

    Pristine Environments leverages cutting edge unified communications solution to allows its employees to have access to email, documents, chat, desktop sharing and video conferencing capabilities on any device and from any location nationwide. This service allows our employees to be prompt, efficient and to communicate seamlessly to of better serve our clientele.

  • Safety Analytics

    Safety Analytics

    As part of our commitment to employee and client safety, Pristine Environments has developed a proprietary text-based incident response system. With this system, employees have the ability to report safety risks via an automated SMS short code.  Once reported, the incidence is immediately dispatched to one of our qualified Emergency Response Team members.

  • Client Help Desk

    Client Help Desk

    Customer service is our highest priority. With this objective in mind, Pristine Environments is leveraging a cloud based customer service platform to provide our customers with an avenue to report service issues and to see an overall status of all reported issues and actions taken. This solution helps us serve our clients better and provides our clients a real time status of our responsiveness.

  • Client Service Portal

    Client Service Portal

    Pristine Environments’ systems integrate an array of tools for delivering data and information to our clients. Pristine Environments’ proprietary client web-portal provides value to our clients’ by allowing instant access to site information such as budgets, KPIs, reports, meeting minutes, project directories and schedule updates. With information consolidated into a single site, facility management and real estate teams can assess performance on a “real time” basis. Our portal is designed for a one-stop-shop experience where information can be shared, applications can be accessed, and collaborative efforts undertaken.

  • Energy & Building Intelligence

    Energy & Building Intelligence

    Whether operating in regulated or deregulated environments, your energy-related decisions should be driven by real-time information. Pristine Environments utilizes a user-friendly platform to provide energy efficiency options to our clients. The platform is quickly implementable, scalable and with a low cost of deployment. It delivers portfolio energy oversight, utilizing the latest sub-metering technology, and offers a simple and intuitive suite of tools to manage building energy consumption, enable real-time corrective action of energy demand and usage with hourly granularity; and publicly engage consumers with informative and attractive front-end interfaces.

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