Pristine Environments has the expertise to guide you through the process of optimizing your facility’s energy usage through the use of data-driven solutions. We call our comprehensive program Facilities Management Program FM 2.0. Whether you are looking for single-point energy solutions or to incorporate building intelligence into your solution-set, we can help. Read on to learn more about our program offerings.

  • FM 2.0

    FM 2.0

    Pristine Environments offers a holistic approach to facility solutions starting from design and construction through operations and maintenance. We design, integrate, deploy and manage technology solutions that enable data-driven energy and FM solutions.

  • Energy


    Pristine Environments offers a variety of energy consulting services, including expertise in program development for the operation of Net Zero Energy buildings. We are leaders in leveraging building technologies and using that data to drive operational performance.

  • Building Intelligence

    Building Intelligence

    Pristine Environments offers a comprehensive suite of Building Intelligence technologies, that provide clients with the tools and data need to efficiently operate their assets. Our systems provide value by allowing instant access to site information such as energy and utility metrics, maintenance records, and overall asset performance. Our building intelligence systems create the perfect platform to develop occupant engagement programs, ensuring a holistic sustainable program for your building.

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