Pristine Environments’ commitment to the environment is rooted in the knowledge that the built environment is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions—nearly 70% of all carbon emissions in the US. We have a responsibility to foster awareness of how simple solutions, like increasing energy efficiency and indoor air quality, create a healthier working environment and contribute to the well-being of our clients and the community.

No matter how sustainable a building may have been in its design and construction, it can only remain so if it is operated responsibly and maintained properly. The explosion of building intelligence technologies and their integration with existing buildings systems is a complex problem-set for most facilities. We work with our clients to create an energy strategy roadmap first to identify what the long term goals of the organization are, then we design, integrate, deploy and operate innovative technology solutions that enable smarter decisions.

From complex integration projects to basic building performance monitoring, we provide a wide range of technologies that are right-sized to support your organization’s facilities and sustainability goals. Our solutions help facility operators pinpoint where they use energy and how to reduce waste. These solutions also provide a foundation that can be scaled to support more advanced operational strategies such as predictive maintenance and occupant engagement. Sophisticated building managers around the globe increasingly rely on these technologies to reduce operating expenses and improve occupant productivity. Pristine Environments’ Building Intelligence group possesses the knowledge and implementation expertise to take any facility into the future of technology-driven facilities management.