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  • Energy & Building Intelligence

    Energy & Building Intelligence

    Holistic | Data-Driven | Cost-Effective

    Pristine Environments offers a holistic approach to facility solutions starting from design and construction through operations and maintenance...

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  • Zero Net Experts

    Zero Net Experts

    Integrative Design | Building Intelligence | Renewable Energy

    Buildings have a significant impact on energy use and the environment—getting to “Net Zero” requires professional expertise that few companies offer. Pristine Environments offers...

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  • Technology


    Integrated Analytics | Data Intelligence | Machine Learning

    Pristine Environments leverages technology deployed solutions, combined with fundamental business process changes, to create actionable data for clients...

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  • Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial Real Estate

    Operations | Maintenance | Cost Reduction

    You have enough to worry about. Commercial real estate and corporate facilities require your attention 24/7...

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  • Biotech & Pharma

    Biotech & Pharma

    Redundancy | Cleanliness | Air Quality

    Controlled research systems and requirements are the core of every vivarium environment. Biotech and Pharma facilities are some of the most complicated in the world...

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  • Aerospace & Secure

    Aerospace & Secure

    DoD Secure | Government | Defense

    When your facility demands the highest levels of security, you need specialized facility management solutions with high standards and appropriate clearances...

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  • Luxury Retail

    Luxury Retail

    Engineering | Janitorial | Energy Solutions

    It’s all about your brand. Your customers can get a lot of luxury goods from a lot of places...

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  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Sustainability | HSE | Operational Excellence

    Your bottom line is production. You need mission critical operational and facility support...

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  • Sports Technology & Fitness

    Sports Technology & Fitness

    Health | Strength | Maintenance

    In your industry, it’s all about conditioning. And that includes your facilities...

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  • Healthcare


    Expertise | HSE | Cost Reduction

    Whether your business is a small medical clinic or a complex research hospital...

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  • Telecom + Data Centers

    Telecom + Data Centers

    Cooling | Cleanliness | Reliability

    Data centers simply cannot go off line. But your world-class operation can unravel...

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